Bakari Sellers


Two-time NY Times best-selling Author, Civil Rights Activist, Attorney,

Entrepreneur, Legislator, and overall Prolific voice of the Culture, Bakari Sellers

continues to build upon the strong legacy he inherited as the son of Gwendolyn

Sellers and civil rights leader Cleveland Sellers. While his dad helped shape

movements working alongside Stokely Carmichael, Bayard Rustin, and Malcolm

X, Bakari has come into his own helping to write the blueprint for today’s

movements with the likes of Rep. James Clyburn, Attorney Benjamin Crump,

and President Barack Obama.

Bakari forged his own path from very early on. He entered Morehouse College at

the age of 16. He went on to become a graduate of the University of South

Carolina Law School and he became the youngest legislator in the South

Carolina state legislature at 22. He carries this mantle of success with the right

balance of gravitas, style, generosity, and humility-a nod to his humble

beginnings in Denmark, SC where “please and thank you” are the chief currency

in town. In penning both his memoir My Vanishing Country and a children’s book

entitled “Who Are Your People?,” Bakari pays homage to the working-class

values that encouraged him to “dream with his eyes wide open” and that are the

predicate for his persistent fight for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the

US and abroad.

A CNN analyst, Bakari also brings an ability to elevate discourse such that

people always feel one step closer to a solution or resolution after he speaks. He

combines these and many other talents in his new podcast, The Bakari Sellers

Podcast which airs two times a week on the Ringer Podcast Network. Sellers has

also been an attorney with the Strom Law Firm, L.L.C. in Columbia, South

Carolina since 2007, where he heads up the firm’s Strategic Communication and

Public Affairs team and the DEI Consulting practice.

He is married to Dr. Ellen Rucker-Sellers and they are the proud parents of three


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